on loving an addict


this is what it’s like to love an addict


you’d rip your own heart out and give it to them. because theres is broken. you lose yourself slowly. piece by piece. deteriorating in different ways everyday by the seems. you become empty. a shadow of yourself. lose your identity. the addiction swallows them up whole and then swallows you up next.



stranded at sea


stranded out at sea

nobody sees

there’s no safe haven anymore

no one to pull me up to shore

no life jacket to float

no oxygen mask while I choke

no one to run to with open arms

and no where to run to anymore

I reach out but no one sees me

and all I see is myself







Maybe our delusions and toxic traits just matched up perfectly; just blame it on chemistry ‘

the narcissist and the codependent – fitting together like each others missing puzzle piece, how sweet.