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peaches & tangerines

Peaches and tangerines.
Crisp air. Light breeze
My knees.
Fighting to stand.
When I look at this man.
I could crumble.
Apple pie.
My oh my.
His eyes.
My heart.
Beating a million per.
Every second.
I spend with you.
Everything becomes more of truth.
True as my love for you.
The seas could part.
The skies could clear.
To have you near.
Just to have you near.

silence, storms, and still water

My silence spoke louder than you ever did. You couldn’t stand it. Silence – it scared you; you couldn’t stand still. You didn’t want to see the things it made clear. You always had to keep moving; always inching away from yourself. Scared of your reflection; always distracting yourself. But I stood still; and kept the waters clear; so clear and still that your reflection shined back. You hated that. You said I was a calm lake; and you a raging storm. But storms always pass dear, and still water doesn’t stay still for long.

some ingredients for living

Constant forgiveness
To yourself, and others.
You’ll be lying to yourself almost the whole time.
Forgiveness for those lies once you’re ready to accept the truth.
Playfulness. Laughter.
and a pinch of seriousness is necessary too.
At the madness of it all.
The chaos, the confusion.
And above all,