all roads lead home

it feels so easy to slip off the track, the right path

all the sudden you’ve started going the wrong way, and you’re lost and confused and not sure how to get back

it’s not even noticeable when you start to step in the wrong direction, cause it happens so quick

ever look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back? 

I have and it’s happening now, I try to listen my internal compass to lead me back to myself

I can’t yet see which direction it points to bring me back home, I only see heaps of open roads…. which ones will keep leading me further away from myself, and which ones will lead me home? There’s no way to know

but that thought rings in my head “all roads lead home” so I take my first step, with a glimmer of hope.


Guilt and shame 

Don’t burry yourself in your own grave with all that guilt and shame.

If you slipped into the hole just try and climb out slow. Don’t stay in and let gravity win.

Don’t wait till you’re too weak to climb out or too scared to cry for help.

That guilt and shame is an awful mix and it’s so easy to get burried by it. So try and get out before the dirt hits.