i do pray for you


Hope is the only source of light when it all goes dark.

So i hold on to it as tight as i possibly can in moments like this.

So hard i fear i might break it – but its the only thing i have to get me through.

And -hopefully- get you through too.

Its true that a monsters favourite place to hide is inside of us – and we must shed the light within to see them – at all the dark places and spots and corridors in our minds.

Sometimes i confuse you with the monster that lives inside of you and likes to take over. Its been taking over more frequently and i’ve been recognizing you less and i’m so scared i’m gonna lose you to it. So i hold on to hope as i look away; maybe soon i’ll be able to face it and be more brave- or maybe you will be- cause i can’t fight your monster for you – its something only you can do – maybe one day you’ll fight it and win- but ill hold on to my shining ball of hope until then.



  • I do pray for you.